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Helping Our Community 2015-2016

Jesus Christ came to this earth to save mankind from their sin.  While on this earth He displayed a level of benevolence that proved that He truly cares for the health, education, safety, and salvation of those He came to save.  

As Christians, we're a part of the community of Christ, in that we are to be Christ's ambassadors; His hands, His feet, His voice in the world.  Adventists are deeply concerned about the health, education, safety, and salvation of those around us.  That's why we support and are actively involved with such humanitarian efforts as Campaign for Community, which directly helps those in our local communities to receive help when disasters occur.  

We also support and participate in a variety of other efforts, like Your Better Pathways to Health, a concentrated effort to meet the physical and spiritual health needs of those who have no access to basic healthcare and who would benefit from prayer and Christian counseling.  Above and below, you can see how Adventists from your area, as well as Adventists from other areas of the country, have helped people right here in our area after flooding in 2015 and 2016.  

You can help our efforts to continue providing such services to our area by providing financial support when our volunteers canvas your area, asking for donations for these worthy causes.  You can also volunteer your time, goods, and your prayers for such efforts when the need arises.  Together, we can make a difference in the lives of others while restoring faith in God.